Sunday, 22 February 2009

End of week One

We've been here for one week now!

I've got no idea who's reading, but you are! So thanks for that!

The free games section is getting a good look every day, probably because thats the section getting the most love from us at the moment. We like to give pay-for games a bit more time when reviewing because you're paying for them! And it's nice to get more information about it before you part with your hard earned cash.

Weekly Highlights
I think my game of the week has to be "Assassin Blue", a Game-Maker game that lasts only a hanfull of hours. Ironically I gave it the smallest score! It's a great little blast and well worth a try. You can read the review by clicking here.

Some of the other games I had played previously to starting the site, so there may be a slow-down in the number of reviews next week.

Whats New on the site?
Articles! I've started off small with a fairly tiny article this week. I had another in the works but because of a message I received mid-week I felt this had to be said. It's about whether of not free games should be allocated a score. Click here to have a read - I mention Cave story!

Otherwise here is a list of all reviews written this week
Assassin Blue
Fantastic Contraption
Gravity Hook
Ice Breaker
Master of Defence
The Space Game

Whats coming up!
More reviews thats for certain. To give you a taste, I'm currently playing "Dawn Of War 2", "The Spirit Engine 2" and "Syberia". One I'm enjoying more than I thought I would, another is exactly how I thought it would be, and the last is a huge disapointment! I'll leave you to guess which is which!

I've also been looking into a comments system so you can have your say on these reviews. However finding a nice neat one is proving to be more difficult than I thought. If you want to see the one I've been playing with, check out the Ice Breaker review.

Message Ends.
Thats all from me this week. I'll be keeping this blog updated every Sunday at the very least. Remember if you've released a game let me know! You can contact me either by leaving a comment on the blog, or by using the Contact form on the website.

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