Friday, 27 February 2009

Last Remnant - Initial thoughts

Just played "The Last Remnant" demo on steam and, well I was actually quite impressed.

The actual look of the game is great. I love the quick navigation around towns, and the backdrops are as spectacular as we're used to from Square. The only issue here is mouse movement! Where is it please? (Found that now thanks!) The view control has another issue where; when you're buying from a shop and use the arrow keys to select items it changes the view at the same time! A little annoying but certainly not a show stopper.

Agh battles!

They've sort of stolen the "blue dragon" method of battles starting here. That is unless it was done before that? And the battle surprised me at first, it looked like too much was going on. However once you get used to it you realise that it's the traditional menu based system. But rather than controlling one character at a time you control teams at a time. This actually works pretty well and I can forsee potential for some awesome battles in the future.

The best thing though, the best thing was you can save at any non-battle point (that I could see anyway). This was great as people kept calling me when I was playing it and I could exit really quickly if I needed to.

So far I'm impressed. I'll try to complete the demo before deciding if it's worth the £30 though. Stay posted for more over the weekend!

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