Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Square Enix...On Steam?!

For me this is pretty huge news!

Although I hardly play games on consoles, I am a fan of Final Fantasy games.

So we've got one game confirmed, The Last Remnant. I did toy with the idea of getting this for my neglected Microsoft games console. However since it's going to be on the PC, the obviously superior machine, I'll wait for that!

There are a lot of people discussing the possibility of FF7 and FF8 coming back to PC. I actually remember buying FF8 and playing it on PC over one weekend many years ago. One of my best weekends ever!

However I've not seen many people say "Um, FF13 plz?" or likewise. Surely if it's on the 360 this year a PC port in steam is going to be a strong possibility?

Now I just need Mystwalker to decide the PC is a good gaming platform and I'll be all set!

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