Wednesday, 25 February 2009

That TF2 feeling

Are you going to be playing TF2 for the new update?

Well I sure am. It's a "scout" character update but I'm not going to be playing as a scout! No way! It's far more fun if you play as an strong opposing class during these updates. Such as an engineer in this case.

I'm a huge fan of TF2 and I was part of a clan for most of last year. If you've not played it you should really get it now while it's 50% off! It's a far deeper game than Left4Dead I think. There are far more opportunities for hilarious frags and victories. The extra weapons and achievements are just great, especially being a Pyro (flame thrower guy).

I think they should make a co-op campaign for TF2. I've thought about trying it myself but really, I just don't have the skill. I had this vision though of a team of players defending a fort, or advancing on a position. Kind of like l4d, but with TF2 characters on either side.

Anyway, go for a run with the new scout update!

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