Thursday, 26 February 2009

Whats that got to do with the Price of...

Online games!

"They'll be cheaper!" They promised "No distribution costs see?"

Well that's just not been the case of late. Here are some good examples:

Mirrors Edge:
  • Direct2Drive Cost: £35
  • Cost: £27

Dawn Of War 2:
  • Direct2Drive Cost: £30
  • Steam Cost: £35
  • cost: £23

Whats going on here? Since 2006 I've far preferred to purchase by download. Are distributors trying to get some kind of revenge? Ok, there are games where these costs are reversed but why the heck are these 2 even like that?

I'd write an email but I just know it'd be ignored or I'd receive some gumpf about distribution platform cuts and such.

The issue appears to be that distributors are still in the way. EA are distributing Mirrors edge and they're the ones getting it onto Steam and D2D. They still want their cut so the overall price increases.

There's only one way to combat this. Don't buy the overpriced downloadable games. Even if you really really want them. Otherwise you'll be paying over the odds forever.

Anyway - had some great fun on Team Fortress 2 last night. Those level 3 dispensers just keep you going and going. The new scout weapons are great to fight against but they don't really offer much in the way of an offensive force. Even with a multitude of scouts it only took a couple of us engineers and a pyro to hold them back!

Unfortunately I couldn't get both our sentries into one good shot so that's just RicheyMB's.

Anyway, Dawn Of War 2 review should be finally up tonight - it's taken some time this one!

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