Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Blursting with Excitment

Did you see what I did there eh?

Ok, well I've been playing Blurst most of the evening, you'll get a "Full Review" tomorrow. First impressions are that you should give it a go, it's not exactly unique but it's not far off!

Also, I'll be writing up my "quake live" thoughts soon too.No I won't - Currently I can't play past the training missions. I think the anti-cheat reckons I'm cheating!

Not sure what the next commercial title will be. Possibly fear2? I wanted to see if it was as bad as some people say! Those kind of reviews make me want to prove it's a good game!

Jon is working on some indie titles right now: Galatron and Geneforge 5. They're fairly different from each other so it should be an interesting read!

Also, I've found a way to link to larger pictures using a service I already subscribe to. So expect better quality link pics soon!

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