Friday, 13 March 2009

Happenings on the site and the "70% truth"

Well there's plenty going on so I thought I would just talk about it here for a while.

Obviously we're still discovering our unique voice, it's still early days after all. I've still not officially submitted the site to google yet! I'm waiting til we have well over 30 pages of reviews and articles. So probably next week sometime for that.

There are a few people I really want involved in the site later on and have been discussing what I'd like to do that is different to what's out there. There's not much room really. All I can say is that we look at these games in a different way to most people. It's said that a lot of review sites' range of scores is from 70 upwards (ie, the worst score a game is likely to get is 70)

That's bonkers!

If we see a game and think it's complete rubbish there would be no point telling everyone it's ok (ie, 70 out of 100). And during the course of my time running the site I'm prepared to take all the flack about it. In fact I look forward to it! I can't plan or predict when we'll have to score a game lower than, for example, 40. But it will happen, and probably soon.

Otherwise the plans I have involve a lot of experimentation! I've even discussed video review/parody type stuff, but it's a lot of work and we don't want it to be seen as "trying to be ". Finding a unique way of doing those will certainly be a challenge - that's if we even decide to do it!

What I can promise is that the articles and reviews continue as scheduled. I'm pretty much working full time on this as well as having a full time job! The only thing I can ask is if you like an article or review tell a friend! If you don't like an article or review, tell me!

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