Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Not in my town! Not now, not ever.

Just what the heck are the developers of "The Maw" thinking? And please note I have Not played the game yet - just read about it on Steam.

This new independent game "The Maw" now has 2 add-ons for just over a dollar each. They feature new levels and objects and puzzles not in the original game.

This kind of thing really irks me - and it causes me to make (possibly unfair) comparisons with games like Half-life like this;

Is The Maw without the add-ons like Half-life without the final Zen levels? Or is it like the "add-ons" opposing force and (eek) Blue shift? Should I wait until the "Total" pack comes out for a cheaper price then?

From the descriptions that's what it feels like. It also reminds me of the Relic tactic of introducing new races in their Dawn of War series expansions. It's on a different scale but it's the same thing.

I'm not reserving my bile for add-ons entirely. I disagree with micro-transactions too. In many cases you can end up paying far more than a game is worth this way. Unfortunately it must work because many mmorpgs do this now.

This is just my opinions of the system and not the games in question however!

Rest assured I plan to get "The Maw" and it's add-ons to check it out. Perhaps it will change my mind about dlc and its merits. Expect a review next week!

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