Saturday, 14 March 2009

The PC Game Buyers Guide and the latest review!

Is a little different - rather than a new article this weekend I've been working on a guide on where is best to buy games and shop around for the best prices!

It's something I've been thinking about for a while, since a lot of people are always asking me how I know about all the offers on at the time. It's simply because I subscribe to most of the newsletters offered by steam, etc...

But that doesn't mean there are no long-term deals going on! And it's all about knowing where to go for the right game. Therefore I've written this guide to help people who are both new and experienced at buying games online. Hopefully it will help save everyone some money.

Of course it's not definitive, I know a lot about this but not everything and there are new sites appearing all the time. So if you have a suggestion in the form of a great site for buying games, let me know!

Yesterday's Game Review was: Galatron!
Yes I am late posting about it since it was put on the site quite late last night. This is a brill space combat game and well worth looking at. I didn't review it since it doesn't work on my own pc but I have seen it in action! Jon, the usual suspect, has taken over for this one.

Click here to read the review!

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