Thursday, 26 March 2009

There's such a thing as too many adverts!

And "The Fantastic Contraption" has recently crossed that line.

I had originally given it quite a glowing review of 85, one of the highest scores on pc-games-and-reviews to date! However I have reduced this down to 79 due to the latest developments on the site.

The adverts that popped up are completely inapropriate to the game and the impression given is just plain greedy. I can put up with google ads and banner ads, as long as they are game specific - surely that makes sense. I have no problem with basic, standard advertising. However, when I see that many adverts on a site I start to worry for my computer security - especially when they can bypass the IE pop up blocker.

I still think this is a great game and I had originally visited recently to see if the contest had started so I could blog about that. It's sad I've had to talk about this instead...

Click here to view the updated version of the review.

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