Friday, 27 March 2009

These are the wrong trousers Gromit!

So I completed the new Wallace and Gromit game yesterday from telltale games. And to celebrate I wrote a review! Or something like that.

I had a terrible urge to make a lame joke about Gromit's original "voice actor" returning but decided not to!

Click here to read the review!

Tomorrow we have an article on first person shooter weapons! I was going to include a vote but I don't think enough people are visiting for that quite yet. Maybe we'll revisit it at a later date...

Oh I forgot to mention that there are over 20 reviews on the site now! Not bad for 2 months work when I've got a full time job already. Still deciding what to review next week, not much really coming out that's worth looking at so it might be a harsh review of something I hated instead! Actually that sounds like fun...

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