Monday, 6 April 2009

Battleforge review and site updates!

So yes, after over a week of playing this to make sure my early assumptions were correct (and they were) I have completed the Battleforge review. Like I said, it's taken a bit longer than usual - mainly so I could appreciate the different game modes offered and, well more is obviously revealed in the review!

Click here to read the review!

The problem is now that I have no idea what to review next! Nothing has really stood out for me recently!

I'm also going to be working on a new section over the next few days based around possible solutions for getting games to work. I've been helping out on Yahoo Answers for almost a week now and one thing that has stood out is that some people don't know how to upgrade their gfx cards or know how to even find out what gfx card they have. This section will be setup to help people like that.

Click here to view this so far!

As always I love feedback in either direction! So let me know by sending me a note via the contact form

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