Friday, 17 April 2009

Game Review: Cogs!

Yes I've been reviewing again and this time it's the fantastically complex Cogs game by Lazy 8 studios.

Some great puzzle ideas in this one and the levels are...well you can read the review and find out!

Click here to read the Cogs review!

We've got a whole week of free game reviews lined up for next week as we've neglected those for a while so stay tuned! There won't be an article this week as, even though I've had the week off work, I've just not been home to work on it! However there should be a pretty good one the week after to make up for it.


I completely forgot to blog about Monday's review of "And yet It Moves" for some reason. Click here to read the "And Yet it Moves" Review

It's one of those conceptual games that sound like a good idea on paper, but when you actually play it...well, you'll have to read the review to find out!

That's all for today, back to helping people on yahoo answers!

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