Saturday, 11 April 2009

Give me my moral limits back!

Some of you know I've dabbled in game development myself. I think all game reviewers should, it gives you a unique perspective into game design and provides you with empathy towards other developers.


There are times when I see something that just is not agreeable and no matter how starving a developer you are there still should be limits! There are far worse things than what Jack Thomson would refer to as "murder simulators" like GTA or violent fantasy games such as the Final Final series. These games are the ones that are much closer to reality and really could affect people in an adverse way.

Someone asked a question on Yahoo Answers that I thought was a little nuts. They were asking if there were any "online plastic surgery" games where you can have a different nose or a tuck or - well you get the idea. I laughed, but did a google search anyway, as I often do, to confirm the first answer where someone had said "No, that would be wrong".

But he was wrong. There really is such a thing - or at least there was. A game with the well thought out title "Miss Bimbo" (I kid you not) allowed you to have surgery in game. From the registration screens (I didn't bother to register, for obvious reasons) it looks like they have taken this out but the whole concept still bothers me.

Possibly I am alone in my worries!

It feels like another bi-product of the sims, some kind of doll simulator. I kind of feel how Lisa Simpson must have done in that Malibu Stacey episode. Surely this isn't healthy? I can't imagine it's sending a good message to all the young girls who play this. Is this what they must aspire to? On the other hand I suppose this is the image portrayed by television.

After seeing this I was compelled by unknown forces to blog my worries so here they are. Unlike the mass hysterical group against violent games however, I sit in the hope that only girls who are like this already would be affected by it.

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