Monday, 20 April 2009

New Campaign! Bring Daggerfall back!

Some of you may remember the first (best?) EldarScrolls game: Daggerfall! released for dos many years ago. This was my first really large RPG that I played, and what really got me into RPG games in the first place!

Well, after seeing many questions on Yahoo answers about where to get this from I found it was not easy to get it (legally) anywhere! Second hand copies are terribly expensive and not really worth it. So to get some answers about a possible re-release I decided to email Bethesda about it:

Hello there!

I currently run a gaming website ( and as part of that I'm constantly answering game problem questions on Yahoo Answers.

Over the last two weeks I have seen no less that 4 questions asking where they can get hold of Daggerfall, your fantastic RPG from a few years back. The worst part is that some people are replying with torrent urls, which is something that really irks me!

Knowing that we can currently download Arena for free I was enquiring to see if Daggerfall will be released for free at any point? Or at least as a low cost download on steam for example?

Please let me know!

best regards
Andy Yates

At the very least I think it would be great if they re-released this on the good old games site for a cheap price.

I implore you all to do the same and join me in this campaign! Send them an email using their contact form and ask (nicely please) if we can have our daggerfall back! URL:

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