Monday, 27 April 2009

Plants Versus Zombies - There's a zombie on your lawn!

I'd seen this advertised on Steam and had kind of ignored it on account of it being a Popcap game. I kind of imagined this would be some hidden object game set in a garden or something but it turns out to be a tower defence game. I think I'm addicted to those so I'll be getting this when it's released.

The great bit so far though is the music video: "There's a zombie on your lawn"

Let's have a watch:

and then in Japanese just for fun!

It kind of puts me in mind of the music video's on the disney channel (I blame Jo for that). The only thing it's missing is that text you usually get in the bottom left of music videos at the start and end describing the song name, artist, etc... That would have been quite cool.

The official link is this:
It's out in a couple of weeks and, since this is popcap, I'd expect a demo too. Personally I'll be getting it on steam despite the 10% discount popcap are offering.

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