Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Anger like no other!

I'm not quite over this news yet - I read just now that Battleforge, one of the games I reviewed back in April is now free?!

That's Zero pounds as opposed to the £30 that it was on direct2drive (or still is right now?) To be honest this is a good move from EA, the game isn't worth that kind of money.

Here's the bottom line for those of you (like me) who did get this game at full price. Free versions only have 2 decks included, and they don't get the bf points you start with (3000 if memory serves?).

That still won't stop people (like me) feeling fairly bitter about the whole ordeal but I'm guessing point purchases have not gone as well as EA hoped so this is an attempt to claw back some of that time and money spent developing the game. Really this should have happened to start with when it was released - perhaps that was the plan all along?

My personal feeling is they can have their points back and I'll have my £35 back, but I'd just be wasting my breath. We can only hope lessons have been learnt.

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