Thursday, 14 May 2009

The April Video: 150 views overall!

Well I've been quite surprised at the positive response from the video, no scathing comments from the youtube firing squad, no one's even bothered to tell me I can't sing! (Not that I need to be told that)

So there will be a May video once we've crept into June and it's going to feature games like Mirror's Edge (review tomorrow), Plants Vs Zombies, New Star GP, and others that have been played over the month.

And no, it won't be to the same tune! I've actually had a kind of mini-career writing music on the internet under the name of "Aymes" - the most popular site I was on was where I've had over 80,000 downloads of my music. you can see my profile there By clicking here!

Anyway, new review tomorrow, article on Saturday...lots to do!

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