Saturday, 9 May 2009

Beyond Good and Evil 2 - possible new footage!

Well, for those of you who didn't play the first Beyond Good and Evil game, it was the perfect blend of stealth, action, humour and story. Also is was possibly the best 3rd person perspective game I ever played (apart from my beloved final fantasy games of course).

I speak as if I've loved this game for years but the truth is I only discovered it as part of the Ubisoft deal on steam a few months ago. And it was a truly inspiring game for me. I didn't review it due to it being a few years old though, but the score would easily be in the 80's.

So, after playing it I wondered if a sequel was in the offing - and to my pleasant surprise it is! A few weeks ago I came upon the teaser trailer they released last year:

And then Today, I saw a possible new video of it that was apparently "leaked" (yeah right) from the studio. Viral Marketing if ever I saw it - however after watching it all I could say for several minutes was: "uh, wow"

Take a look for yourself:

Looks strangely like mirror's edge (which co-incidentally I'm bought today and it's slowly arriving) but with more people around. I really love the little "pull yourself into an alley" move Jade does near the beginning of the video!

Looking good, hope the game is as great as the first one!

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