Friday, 8 May 2009

Current game prices update!

I've noticed a couple of interesting deals recently that I thought I should share with you all!

Defense Grid: The Awakening, is currently only £3.50 on steam. This is an absolute bargain! I had planned to have a review on the site about this already but other more recent games stepped in the way. But for this price I can guarantee that if you like tower defense games, this is a Must Buy!

Mirror's Edge, the great looking free running game by Dice has price dropped to £20 on Direct2Drive. From what I had heard this wasn't really worth the £35 that it was a few weeks ago, but this new price appears to be a bit more reasonable. I'll be getting this in a couple of weeks, mainly for myself since I was quite taken with the trailers.

Crayon Physics Deluxe, now on steam at £16. I'm not sure I agree with this price, I played the demo a couple of months ago and it's good. But then again so is Powerup by Nitrome (which is also free!) and Plants Vs Zombies (review tonight!) which is only £7, half the price of Crayon Physics. I would recommend waiting until this is on offer.

So plenty to keep everyone occupied!

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