Monday, 8 June 2009

The Aftermath

E3 ended fairly quietly I thought. There were hardly any huge revelations this year but a few things caught my attention:


The new art style really seemed to work in the trailer I saw. I'd have preferred to hear more about this and I know some sites are saving their experiences with this until a few days when they've had time to write it up.

This really was the highlight of E3, even thought I knew about it already. Just to hear that it's so close to completion (either this year or early next year) gives me something big to look forward to. The idea of class based co-op combat in an FPS environment is just...well it makes me wonder what TF2 with a story would be like!


Possibly the scariest thing I heard about was a console add-on called Milo. I wouldn't normally mention console based stuff here but I reckon there's some overlap.

Essentially this is a futuristic virtual pet in the form of a young lad called Milo. He can apparently talk to you and hold a conversation with you and actually see you thanks to the "Natal" device from Microsoft. It's being developed by famous game designer Peter Molyneux and has some pretty sky high promises attached.

Some people have actually had a go with this and say it works. But every report I read said there was a shadowy figure nearby, working on a laptop connected to the games console being used. It kind of reminds me of the film "Shooting Fish" if you've seen that (probably not, you're not missing too much) where they managed to sell an AI to several companies that turned out to be someone else on another computer speaking into a microphone.

If this is real then it's probably the most amazing piece of gaming news this century. However, from my own experience I don't believe things have moved on fast enough to make this kind of AI real or possible.

Also, the subject matter worries me. The idea of a virtual 10 year old boy in my living room is not something I care for. It's almost disturbing that this was chosen rather than some kind of alien or talking creature instead. There are certain industries that can't wait to get hold of this, I'm sure.

For me though this will actually be something to avoid. I don't much like the idea of using my body as the "controller". It's a little too "lawnmower man"...

Left 4 Dead 2

Yes, this will be my last post including this until I hear something solid and promising (or even more annoying). I'm sure it will be an ok game, but then, so was the first.

It doesn't make any sense to me and Valve have asked us to "trust them a little". I'm all for that but unless something amazing is pulled out of the hat this will be one to wait for the discount.

In fact there is big news about over 15,000 fans boycotting L4D2 in a bid to ask it is made an "addon" to L4D rather than a full sequel. I couldn't agree more but that doesn't mean I'll buy it. The problem has rather been the lack of support for the first one compared to TF2. No-one wants to put any money into something that isn't cared for by it's creators.

I'll leave you with the "ironic" logo they chose for L4D2, linked straight from the L4D homepage. (has no one British told them about this?!)

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