Monday, 1 June 2009

Agh Adverts!

Yes, I have put a google ad column on the blog - but don't run away! It has a purpose other than advertising.

Basically, if you've ever used blogger as your blog you might notice that the statistics you can get on page views, etc... is, well, absent. I could use google analytics but that looked a bit bizarre to me, I'm not really bothered where everyone comes from or what my "bounce" rate is.

Therefore it serves a dual purpose. Possible giving me a little towards buying some of the games I review (not everyone gives me a free copy yet!) and letting me know how many times they show up (therefore: how many views of the blog there have been!)

They're pretty unobtrusive so hopefully they won't bother anyone too much.


  1. Interesting. Let us know how that goes.

    I suspect that's a DUAL prupose, though.

  2. ah yes, quite right - spell checker didn't help me there!

    They do seem to be showing game related adverts which is a good sign, but I doubt they'll get many clicks since gamers are fairly clever compared to the majority of net users...