Tuesday, 2 June 2009

And now for some good news: Monkey island returns!

Yes, you heard it here..uh..second!

Telltale games, the people behind the great return of Sam & Max, the ingenious Strong Bad games and the (unfortunately disapointing) Wallace and Gromit adventures have today announced that they are to start releasing Monkey Island series of 5 episodic games!

Compared with Wallace and Gromit I reckon this is far more up their street. There have been numerous attempts at bringing this IP back over the years but this could be the biggie.

I for one shall definetely be getting this but I have to admit - when the original Monkey Island games were released, I didn't have a PC! So I've never played them. In a way this is good because I have no expectations for the game.

They'd better mention woodchucks though...

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