Monday, 1 June 2009

E3 Anticipation! What I'm waiting to hear about:

Yes, E3 is almost upon us! It's probably the most exciting time of year for any PC game fan due to the sheer magnitude of news, information and rumour that oozes from it's intensive media orafices (ugh..well, okay).

So what am I looking forward to hearing about?

Valve's new projects! - No one knows exactly what this will be, or how much. They'll definetely be there but will we be hearing about HL2:Ep3 or Portal 2, or even TF3/L4D(2) is anyone's guess. It may even be a totally new project!

Borderlands - The Gearbox project that lots of people are talking about. Four player co-op game set on a distant colony where anything goes. Having over half a million weapon combinations and incorporating character classes like an RPG...this has been worth waiting for and there's already a teaser trailer:

Deus Ex 3 - I have unusually high hopes for this, mainly due to how the lead of the project gushes on his forums about how great the game is. That's not a concrete reason I'll grant you, but you don't see project leads talking about their games like this very often.
A trailer would be very nice indeed!

So there we go, hopefully there will be news on one or more of these. I heard that the Montreal team for Deus Ex may not be there? But who knows what will happen over the next week! I can't wait...

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