Friday, 26 June 2009

Gratuitous Space Battles

I've always been a big fan of huge space battles. In fact when younger and believing it was simple to make a game of todays graphical standards on my Spectrum+2, those were the kind of games I designed.

Later on in life I'd see the StarWars films, star trek and Babylon 5 which all blew my ideas out of the water. Especially Babylon 5, which has only so far been captured in part by the wonderful developers at Kerberos who make "Sword of the Stars" and it's expansions. Of course they were responsible for Homeworld Cataclysm too which I'm reliably informed is awesomeness in a can.

Anyway, it's great to know that ambitious independent developers are still with us. This time they're with us in the form of Cliff "Cliffski" Harris, over at Positech games who is currently working on the fantastic looking "Gratuitous Space Battles" game which, rather than featuring tactical RTS type controls, concentrates more on the ship building and design!

For me, a tactical nub-cake, this sounds like a dream!

But the look of the thing! Woohee! I don't usualy get too excited about graphics but this is so up my street so this has shot to the top of my "Can't wait for!" list, just before Borderlands.

Check out this video of Awesomeness:

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