Tuesday, 9 June 2009

The madness of release dates

I've just been checking out my list of games I'm waiting for. It's not very long at the moment so it doesn't take long!

One of the games is the new Ghostbusters game that has had it's ups and downs over the last year. I thought it strange that I heard nothing about it being at E3 (it may have been, but it wasn't one of the major headlines anyway) so I went to check out exactly when it was going to be released.

I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed a release date of the 19th of June this year! That's less than 2 weeks away! And then I noticed the format for that release.

PlayStation 3.

Isn't that a little strange? From what I hear PS3 is more difficult to program in so it doesn't really make sense that the release date for the PC is 4 months after this. But it's not just the PC version being delayed. It's the Xbox360, WII, DS and PSP versions that are all coming out a whole 4 months afterwards.

Could they be sending any more of a message to us all? E.g. Sony have paid us lots to stagger the releases this way.

It's not like they can play the "piracy" card when every other format is delayed. If this was the first time it had happened I'd probably be bothered or angry or something, but these days it's just the way they operate. I wonder what the given reason is though...

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