Saturday, 20 June 2009

The now famous steam price hike - Oblivion

In one of the strangest pricing stratergies I've seen, the famous RPG Oblivion game by Bethesda were re-priced overnight on the 18th of June. The "Deluxe" version changing price from £15 to £20 without any explanation.

I'm not sure why this was, nor if people will buy them at the current price if they know about the change. I for one am not completely surprised - what it achieved was to get the games in the top 10 bought games list. I'm sure this helps sales in the sort term at least.

However it's not done wonders for public relations - over 6000 people have read or written their views about this in the public steam forums after noticing the change. Has this reached the attention of the price setters? Probably not. Should we worry about it? Again, probably not. There are plenty of other great games out there for even less than the previous price of Oblivion.

So I would say to all those who are upset about this price hike - don't just grumble about this and not buy Oblivion - go and spend your money on a competitor! That's an even better way of sending the anti-price-hike message in my opinion.

Here are a few suggestions:

Plants Vs Zombies - great build/defence game where you grow plants that defend you against a zombie hoard. A must try!

Beyond Good and Evil - I feel like I've been a been a broken record with this game recently, but it's true! This game is awesome and shouldn't be missed by anyone!

Mr. Robot - great RPG game by independent developers Moonpod where you play as a service droid trying to save a massive starship from an evil AI.

These are all great and pretty long games that are worth checking out. So fight the price hike! Support people who support gamers!


  1. You could just go down to your local game store and get it cheaper there. Those are are good recommendations though. I still have yet to settle down to Beyond Good and Evil. My Goal this summer is to finish S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Skies lol.

  2. Ahh you should definitely get round to Beyond Good and Evil, it's great. I played the first Stalker which I enjoyed except for the ending!

    Fallout 3 is one I need to complete this year - almost finished, but installed the 1.5 patch and suddenly my save games are gone! :o