Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Post 100! I wish I had something interesting to say...

It actually irks me that I can't release something every day on the site/blog, but even though I spend every spare second of my time playing games and writing about them!

Firstly I'll mention that the wonderful New Star GP has had an update to bring it into line with the 2009 gp tracks and such. It's one of the best games I've played this year and since it's by and Independent developer I love it even more! Click here to read the New Star GP review

Next I'll explain why there was no article last week, even though I started off great guns making my own Team Fortress 2 map. Well, my good friend Richard came up with the idea for the next video, so I completely changed tack (I'm not usually that fickle) and started work on that because it's an awesome idea! For more info on this and a preview, Click here to take a peek!

Finally, it was my birthday on Saturday so I received lots of great games to play thought (w00t for Steam's gifting service!!) so there should be some commercial review offerings this week, starting tomorrow with Far Cry 2!

Thanks for reading so far, as I plough on towards post number 200!

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