Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Someone didn't pay IGN enough this time!

I'm not really suggesting that IGN take bribes for high review scores. Nor am I suggesting that IGN would give a bad score on a game that was not advertised there. Neither am I suggesting that IGN would give a bad review for a game created by people they don't like. I'm sure none of that is true - but this is the lowest score I have seen from them for a big name title for some time!

In their review of "Damnation" the given score is 2.5 out of 10. From the videos around I can't tell if it really is that bad, but it doesn't look that great from the motorcycle video they posted.

They are reviewing the PS3 version of the game, so the other ports may be better. I had previously thought about getting this on steam but if even IGN gave this a score lower than 30% I don't think it will be worth my while - I've got plenty of cool indie games I'm playing right now anyway.

Damnation itself reminds me of "Gunman Chronicles" from 9 years ago. Do you remember that? Well probably not - and there's no reason that you should! That was a western-cyber-punk shooter (as opposed to this western-steam-punk shooter) and it made me avoid anything with a western theme from then on.

It's a shame becuase the premise doesn't look to bad - kind of like Mirror's Edge with guns. I have to admit the developer videos made me worry a little as they thought they had to explain what steam-punk meant to us, and to take a whole video for it.


Anyway, this may be something I pick up at a much later date when it's dirt cheap and I can decide if IGN were right to put their vast number of visitors off buying this, or if they were dead wrong...partner.

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