Tuesday, 16 June 2009

What's coming up?

Tomorrow there will be a review of the excellent "Aveyond: Lord of Twilight" which I've been very much into the last few days. But I'm also working on my latest article, of which the attached pic is a teaser of!

Otherwise there's eventually going to be a TF2 page on the site, since it really is my current favourite game (and has been for over a year!) and plus I want to return the link back to my clan's website!

The end of the week should bring a review of a neat flash game I've been playing but more on that later.

I'm also going to start a new weekly entry on the blog where I talk about upcoming games that are looking very promising. There's plenty out there to choose from but I've got my eye on a select few in particular.

And a quick hello to everyone new who's been visiting recently! Visitor numbers to the site have tripled in recent weeks so it's good to know everyone is finding the site an interesting read! Thanks for taking a look!

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