Friday, 19 June 2009

When games don't work

I've had to change tack on what game to review this week - I had originally planned to do a flash game review, but then I noticed that America's Army 3 had been released - for free! I thought that would make a more interesting review however after downloading it for almost a day(!) I had a terrible job getting the game to work properly!

Basically you can play it in the unnecesarily hard offline mode, but if you try to play with an online profile it keeps timing out with the servers and not recording your progress correctly! I assume this is just a teething issue, but it's no good if you want to review something!

Therefore I'm very very behind in my review schedule as well as my article schedule! Which means, although there will be a review tonight the TF2 level building article I've been working on may not be finished tomorrow on account of it being my Birthday that day (wahey!)

Anyway, for those bargain hunter types of you out there, Steam are doing a couple of very juicey deals right now:

Sword of the stars complete pack which is the original game plus all the new expansions. (something I'll be reviewing next week I think...or soon)

I was going to suggest the Oblivion ultimate pack but it appears to have drastically climbed in price while I've been asleep! But perhaps this is a temporary bug with steam, it certainly doesn't seem right. Maybe check back later?

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