Thursday, 16 July 2009

Battlefield Heroes Review!

Oh we all love DLC and micropayments don't we.

Don't we?

Either way, it's a game that can't be ignored because of that, and of course it's similarities to another famous online team based FPS game...

Click here to read the Battlefield Heroes review!

I can see from my wonderful webstats (I live off these) that there are many more visitors to the site recently! Hello there! Thanks for visiting! Glad to have you around, if you see anything that might be good for me to review here, please give me a shout via the Contact Form!

The next video is in pre-production. By that I mean I'm thinking what it's going to be! I don't think it'll be another TF2 specific one and might actually end up being live action. The script I'm working on is shaping up to be pretty funny, but it'll take some doing. Should be some more news on that in the next few days!

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