Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Borderlands Media Blowout!

Well, they have been busy haven't they? Those scamps at Gearbox invited loads of people from the gaming news sector to come and play 2 specific sections of Borderlands to get a good feel for the game. They showed them the different weapons and character class trees. They showed them the early traditional "pistol-only" stages of the game, not surprised that's in there. They showed in great detail the new controversial graphical style. However they forgot one thing...

They forgot to invite me!

Obviously I'm terribly insulted, after all, don't they know who I am? Oh, right, they probably do.

Anyhoo, in all seriousness the game still looks great but I don't think the trailers are doing it justice from what I can tell. Here's the latest trailer that was released at comic-con.

It does look kind of cool, and I can't wait to try it out. It'll probably be the first big "seasonal game" - gah hate the idea of games being seasonal - so it's got a lot to beat such as Left4Dead2 that'll do despite the "boycott".

Most of the news site giving info about Borderlands aren't saying much that's new. There's a load of complaints about the item system but I think they forget this is part-rpg. Some are being needlessly critical about an unreleased game in the usual attempt to sound vaguely intelligent (no names mentioned, I'm not here to make enemies!)

Yahtzee, the famous "Zero Punctuation" review chap should be pleased however, as there's supposedly a gun that shoots "SHURIKENS AND LIGHTNING!"


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