Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Do you want to buy shares in my game?

No, I'm not writing a game, nor am I offering "shares" in it - neither would anyone probably be interested!

But what if, say, Valve Software asked you if you'd like to pay a few pounds for a game they were creating and that you'd get a copy of the game (and possibly a profit?) once it was done?

Many people might actually be fishing out their credit cards right now, but they've not offered this exactly. Gabe Newell, the big boss at Valve, has thrown the idea "out there" to see what the overall response is. The main aim appears to be cutting out the publisher and allowing the developer company to get on with what they do better without some clueless corporation standing behind them - developing.

There are obvious down sides to this if someone with a lesser track record offers this. No one wants to risk loosing money on a game that "might" get created. Most of the schemes I've heard of that rely on payment before the final project is completed (donation ware type things) either do quite badly or only just scrape by.

Otherwise I quite like the idea of funding future game development, I know of several indie developers that deserve this kind of attention!

Nothing appears to be decided about all of this yet - it's all just a wonderful idea. Lets wait to see what Valve do as usual...

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