Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Feeling Better! And site news!

Yup, not been feeling well over the last few days. Yesterdays post was a scheduled one from Sunday morning but now I'm back! Feeling far better this morning (one heck of a headache though)

So now I can talk about the new layout I implemented over the weekend! You've probably noticed the extra column with the latest updates on the right hand side. This is something I've wanted in there for so long as most new visitors to the site didn't usually check the root page to see these.

Also you'll notice that google ads have made a big appearance on more pages now. These are neatly arranged in their own frame (not a web frame!) on the left of these pages. I did try using a service called adbrite which I disabled in the little time I was awake yesterday. You may have been unlucky enough to experience a horribly "all-page" ad or even worse, the in-line word ads where specific words are highlighted.

There were adverts for casinos and all sorts, which I don't agree with. So if you visited the site before 2pm and got those, my apologies!

Anyway, I hope everyone agrees the new site design is better - some pages have yet to be updated but it will get there! Let me know what you think!

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