Saturday, 4 July 2009

GSB - still excited, new video!

A new video has emerged for Gratuitous Space Battles, that I recently blogged about.

The ship building looks suitably involved and the end result is, quite obviously, spectacular, let alone "gratuitous".

I still worry about the lack of empire building though - from the look of things surely it lends itself to that kind of game play where you can design and refit and upgrade ships in defined fleets that require resources that you must develop and expand on using these ships.

Perhaps I'm stuck in my old way of thinking about space strategy games. I always like to build up fleets so I have a points advantage at all times, which if I was better at the tactics, should ensure victory. However with this both sides are equal and it's all about the ship hull choices and designs.

No point in speculating too much at this point, although it's looking close to completion from the video so hopefully a more detailed preview soon!

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