Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Interactive Novel - game or not?

I was recently pointed in the direction of this fully voiced "Interactive Novel" called Bionic Heart. It's kind of like the dialogue trees you find in rpg games but that's pretty much all you have control over.

I was considering asking for a review copy, but I'm not sure I'd be very fair. If I didn't like or get the story I'd probably want to score it quite low! On the other hand I can't help thinking this may be a bit like the "girlfriend simulators" that are so popular in Japan where the idea is to become friendly enough with the characters that you can...well, I'll leave that to your imagination.

Since this game is for 14 yr olds or over I'm guessing it might ebb towards that style of "game-play".

But I do question if these applications are actually games? I guess you probably have to make decisions on what to say to each character to get anywhere and Bionic Heart boasts it has 24 possible outcomes!

I'll be giving the demo a go over the next few days so I'll give my further views once I've given it a chance!


  1. I'd say it doesn't matter if they count as "games" or not. There's some element of gameplay so I think you should review them. Maybe not this particular one though ...

  2. After seeing a few of these I'm concerned they're pretty much all based around trying to get it on with whatever women are in the game too.

    I'll keep my eyes open for an interesting one though, you never know!