Saturday, 4 July 2009

New Review and Video Progress News!

Review of Castle Corp

A new review of yet another fine Nitrome game has appeared. I guess they're just so easy to pick up and enjoy without having to think about, and I find them easy to write about because I only seem to have nice things to say...generally.

Castle Corp is just as innovative as we've come to expect from Nitrome and I thought it was...well, you should read the review to find out!

Click here to read the Castle Corp review!

Video Progress News

I have a new wip version I've been showing off but there are several scenes still missing, I'm hoping for some lucky funny shots from the team over the next few days.

But the big news is that the song is finished! I might update it a bit but it would suffice if it went out as it is. I'm still hopefull to get others singing on it this time but we'll see...

I think I'll pencil in a release date of next Saturday - I don't want to be working on this forever after all!

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