Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Arena Online: Nordic MMORPG

I was told about this some time ago, but I've just not found the time to play it!

Arena online is an MMORPG run by Italy based Kalicanthus Entertainment. What struck me straight away from the Arena Online site itself is that Nords and Humans are two diferrent races, bit odd that?

The trailer is a bit odd too, I don't know why it looks a bit laggy (is that just my connection to youtube right now or something?) but I would have probably tried not to make the trailer be that way.

That said, I've not played the thing! I meant to but ran out of time. Some of the screens make it look pretty good. So here is the video for you to make your own mind up:

It could be quite good by the looks, so if anyone here has played it, leave a comment and let us know what it's like!

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