Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Borderlands: Getting Closer!

It's only a couple of months now until Borderlands is finally released. Gearbox have released the box art they are going to use and...well it's kind of contraversial!

Take a look for yourself!

Not really sure if that was the right way to go myself, but it will certainly stand out and be talked about!

They've also got the option of pre-ordering the game on the site through gamestop or Amazon, but no Steam/Impulse/D2D options yet, they'll probably come later.

I'm a bit miffed too because there's a contest on the Gearbox forums to go play the game this Weekend, but only if you're near the Gearbox offices. Which I'm obviously not. Selfish buggers, I want to play too!

Anyway, it's still looking good for an October the 20th release so lets hope there's no delay here!

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