Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Casual Corner: Burger Shop 2

Currently doing pretty well on the Big Fish time management charts is Burger Shop 2. No review of this but here are my thoughts.

So it's a time management game where you have to combine the different food parts to make meals that your customers are asking for. For instance, you pick up the 2 halves of a burger bun and combine them with a burger (and sometimes the cheese or salad) then give it to the customer. Sometimes they'll want a drink too so you'll need to keep drinks coming from the soda machine to keep a supply of those going.

There's no resource management, any mistakes you make are quickly seen by the burgertron machine and new ingredients appear as if by magic.

It's not too bad I guess! I wasn't overly keen on it since, for a casual game, it's really quite tricky and there isn't much in the way of tactics (that I came across). Usually in time management games you get a bit of breathing room to plan your next move but this really was non-stop.

For some people this will be great of course, the concept is easy and it does feel a bit rewarding to have kept all of the customers happy.

Possibly worth a look here are some links for those interested:
Click to download the demo (affiliate link!)

Or here for the non-affiliate link

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