Friday, 14 August 2009

Deals this weekend - 14 August 2009

Do you like Flight simulators?

Good Old Games have a 30% promotion off flight simulators this weekend.

Do you like Half Life?

I think it unlikely that any readers do not own most, if not all, of Valve's games - but if not you should think about getting the Valve or Half Life Complete Pack

Do you like independent games?..And Applications?

Impulse Driven are having a sale on Mr Robot, Starscape (great game), Morning's Wrath (no idea), The Witcher (I've heard this is good?), Hacker Evolution (again, no idea) and Corel Applications!

And finally...

Direct2Drive have a load of deals on too - such as Red Alert 3, Battleforge, Warhammer online and world of Goo.

All sounds good to me!

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