Thursday, 13 August 2009

Games portal worth visiting: Wooglie

Thanks to RicheyMB for the pointer
Just been playing some of the games at Wooglie. It's a free games portal site that appears to be specifically for games written using the Unity game engine. The same engine used for the "Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood" which I reviewed a few days ago.

I actually found many games that were longer and of equal quality to this on Wooglie which kind of reinforces the low score I gave for it.

Some of the games on there are quite good fun, I'm especially taken with Space: The Retribution which is a top down shooter type game. Then again I'm usually taken with any top down shooter with upgradable ships/weapons etc...

It's a bit heavily laden with the ol' google ads, but if you can manage to ignore them you'll be fine.

Unity is obviously a great engine and it's good to see some decent stuff from it. Something to keep an eye on perhaps!

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