Friday, 14 August 2009

IGN's Top 25 PC Games

IGN have yet another go at naming the Top games of a particular format. This kind of thing happens every year on IGN and is pretty much built to get people angry that they didn't choose their favourite. They usually, quite tactically, miss a couple of important titles off the list to incite feelings of hatred.

Or maybe they're just silly, it's one of the two.

Anyway, they've just done a Top 25 PC games one and low and behold they seem to have got it mostly right! I've played a heck of a lot of PC games and that list is not so far off my own. Not sure I agree with the ordering, and they seem to have done "The best PC Games before 5 years ago" rather than "Of All Time" as is suggested. Doom was a landmark title but it's not one of the "Best Games" anymore compared with the COD4, HL episodes and Crysis for example.

So this should really have been called "The 25 biggest landmark PC games of all time". Still, it's possibly worth a read, and it makes me want to make my own comparable list!

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