Friday, 28 August 2009

Impressions: Little Ninjas Demo

I mentioned this a few weeks ago after seeing an advert at the cinema (of all places) for it.

The demo has been on steam recently and, well it wasn't too bad! I didn't get that "This is the most amazing game ever!" feeling but it was pretty good fun.

You take control of Hiro (hmmm?) and have to immediately help out the local village which is being bombarded by arrows from some samurai's across the river. It takes you through how Hiro can possess animals to sneak up on them - which is a bit pointless as he can't cross the river as one. Crossing the river is fun actually, he gets in a big bowl/hat thing and paddles across.

The combat is ok, it's a bit like the new batman game almost where you basically button mash and move in the direction you want to hit. Well I button mash anyway!

There's some stealth elements - you can hide in long grass which is pretty cool - and then jump out and sometimes one-hit-kill the bigger enemies.

You can also change characters to some big chap and a girl ninja who have different fighting styles and abilities. In that respect it's a little like Trine I guess.

Anyway, I'll need to play some more before I can decide if it's worth a purchase or not - currently I keep thinking it would be really good if it had been an independent game, but for a fully priced commercial game? Hmmm, not sure yet!

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