Thursday, 27 August 2009

Impressions: Osmos Demo

Looks kind of biological don't you think? I guess that's the idea.

The whole thing reminded me very much of a really old game called "E-Motion" where you had to (ahem) bang balls together in a variety of arenas. This is fairly similar except you have to absorb smaller balls so your ball becomes the biggest.

It's certainly not the most exciting game I've played featuring balls. It also feels like the levels - although in some respects are pre-designed - are quite random in respect to the placement of larger/smaller balls.

I'm going to stop saying "balls" now.

The demo is surprisingly well distributed amongst digital channels including Steam, Direct2Drive and of course the Hemisphere games site itself.

There are some quite gushing reviews out there according to their site, but this is a case where I'm a tad sceptical. It looks great and the ambient music track fits in nicely but I wasn't taken with the gameplay. Perhaps I'll give it another go later and I'll change my mind...

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