Friday, 7 August 2009

Indie deal madness!

Direct2Drive, my second favourite online store, are offering a fantastic independent game bundle at the moment. In fact, a bit too good by the looks of things!

You get: (click for reviews)

Democracy 2 (I've still yet to play this)
Zeno Clash
The Path (not sure about this one, not even tried it!)
Defence Grid (I've played this, it's pretty good!)

All for £12/$17 which, quite frankly is the deal of the year so far. I'm surprised that the developers agreed to this as after D2D's cut they can't be getting much for that - and they're quite recent games! On the other hand it's got to be good for future marketing!

There's not long on this deal now so Click here and hurry while you can!

They're also doing a great deal on Fallout 3 at the moment. If you've not played that then you should consider their deal at 50% off!

Good old D2D eh?

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