Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Mini Ninjas - could this be a good multiplatform game?

I was at the cinema at the weekend watching the new Harry Potter Movie and there was, unusually, a trailer for a game before the film started. I don't remember seeing a game advert on the big screen for quite some time but that's probably just my memory going again.

So I thought I'd check it out afterwards and it looks like it might possibly be quite a fun multi-platform game, appearing on everything from the DS up to (of course) the PC. Looks like it might be mildly amusing and the game play appears to be similar to Trine but 360 degree movement around the maps.

Check out one of the vids below and see what you think!

Obviously this kind of south-park meets Disney style isn't going to be for everyone! But I'm very tempted to get this when it comes out just out of pure curiosity!

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