Thursday, 20 August 2009

More Reviews or More Detail?

So I've received a fair bit of input over the last week or so on my review style and scoring system and such.

There's a been a lot to go through and it's not all been easy to take in. But the site is now 6 months old, I need to start thinking about what important changes are required.

The main issue appears to be the quality of the reviews. While I'm not unhappy with them I have to conceed that more work and time is required on my part, at least until I noticably improve on how I do.

Basically, I'm not rubbish but I'm not great either.

So with that in mind I think I'll be reducing the number of reviews I do per week to One. This way I can hopefully write longer reviews, more hints/tips pages and more fun stuff that I have planned. Also it'll be cheaper for me!

I'm not saying this is a cast iron rule, browser game reviews might appear from time to time (especially the tower defense ones) but I want to spend more time on the other stuff too now.

As always I appreciate the feedback I get from everyone! Thanks for supporting the site!

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