Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Music Makes the Game: Deus Ex

Been a while since I carried on this series...oops! But here we are anyway.

I wanted to talk a little about the musical styles and techniques of the late 90's and early 00's - especially "Trackers" and their relation to the gaming scene.

Back then there were 2 schools of thought (well, probably more than that but go with this for a second) on how to write music using computers. There were the MIDI guys and the Sample based sequencer guys - or Trackers.

A tracker program using a piano roll type system, which looks a bit like an excel sheet, where the timer goes down the rows and plays anything placed in a cell at that point. There were quite a few of these programs going around at the time, such as Impulse Tracker, Fast Tracker, Modplug, etc... and there were little groups and clubs around that used these programs and had competitions and such.

Anyway some of these guys were experts and they got some big jobs in the gaming industry afterwards. The name that always springs to mind is Alexander Brandon who wrote music for Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex (as well as Jazz Jackrabbit 2, Tyrian and loads of other titles for Epic back in the day)

Here is one of his best works from Deus Ex, the Hong Kong Streets theme.

Recently he's worked at Obsidian but now...well I'm not entirely sure what he's doing now apart from working on a new album for us all. I really wish Edios Montreal would call him and get him to work on Deus Ex 3...

You should check out his blog thing..and download his Carpe Diem song while you're there...

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